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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Search and Power Search – Your New Wizard To Create Point Combinations
    Opens the Search and Power Search. Search and Power Search browse the complete Atlas of Acupuncture.   What does Search Option do? The Search option looks up for search terms typed by you. Type your desired search term in the search box and click Search. ALL acupuncture points containing your desired search term information will be displayed immediately.
    For Example:
    • Search for “Asthma” shows all acupuncture points that treat asthma.
    • Search for “ast” shows all acupuncture points that contain the letters “ast,” So not only “asthma,” but also “epigastrium” and “mastoid.”
      What Is So Special About Power Search Option?
    The Power Search uses almost 5000 interlinked connections between TCM-diagnoses, TCM-terms (such as Shu-Stream-point) and the acupuncture points. There are two dropdown boxes with TCM diagnoses and TCM terms available.
    If you select a TCM diagnosis from a drop-down box, related points are displayed immediately.
    • For Example: Power Search for Kidney Yin Deficiency shows all acupuncture points that treat Kidney Yin Deficiency.
      If you choose TCM diagnoses from both drop-down boxes, you will get the acupuncture points that treat both TCM diagnoses at the same time.
    • Examples: Power search for Kidney Yin Deficiency and Heart Yin Deficiency shows all acupuncture points that treat Kidney Yin Deficiency and Heart Yin Deficiency at the same time. Power search for Heat and Liver Channel shows all the acupuncture points on the Liver Channel, which expel Heat.
  • Shen Atlas of Acupuncture with 409 acupuncture points and 1000 pages

    In the Shen Atlas of Acupuncture section of the app you will find over 1000 pages with detailed information regarding 409 acupuncture points and 400 acupuncture charts. Now Extra Points are included.

    The following information is completely available to you: name, location, indication, function, qualification, explanation of the point name, needling and Moxibustion. All content can be easily searched with Search and Power Search.


    This button can be found at every acupuncture point. If you want to use a point for your point combination, the point is stored in MyBasket using this button.

  • Have no fear of data loss. How to backup your data

    In Settings, click on “BackUp / Import MyDatabase” and then connect to your Google Account.

    Then click “Backup MyDatabase” to back up your saved data to the Firebase Cloud Storage.

  • My Database stores texts, images, audio, and acupuncture points

    With this button you open MyDatabase – your central point for managing texts, images, audio and acupuncture points.


    This button adds a category or sub-category (e.g., patient, disease, private). You can add as many categories as you wish to. Use this – categories keep track of them.

    For Example:
    Include the category “Diseases” with the subcategories “Orthopedics” and “Internal Medicine.” Manage texts, images, audio, and point combinations of diseases.

    Add the category “Patients” and manage texts, images, audio and point combinations for your patients.


    Inserts a new entry in My Database. For each entry you can save any text, images, audio or acupuncture points.


    To insert images, audio and acupuncture points:


    Use this button to insert an image.


    This button starts your voice recorder. Speak a message and save it.


    This button displays the content from MyBasket. Choose the acupuncture points you want to save.

  • My Basket – cache for your point combination

    My Basket is the central collection point for collecting acupuncture points for the treatment of a patient or a disease.

    Each acupuncture point has this button in the lower right corner. Use that button to save acupuncture points from the Shen-Atlas of Acupuncture, from Power Search results, or from a Point combination in MyBasket.


    The content of My Basket can be imported at any time into MyDatabase and saved to either patients or diseases.

    If you want to delete single acupuncture points from My Basket, click the trash icon next to the saved point.
    If you want to completely delete the acupuncture points from MyBasket, click on the trash icon at the top.

  • TCM-diagnosis – cardinal symptoms in a few seconds

    Opens the TCM diagnoses with practice-relevant expertise on almost 100 Chinese diagnoses.

    Use the Shen Acupuncture App to find the cardinal symptoms, causes, and treatment tips for all Chinese diagnoses in nanoseconds.

    For every TCM diagnosis, you will have an additional proven point combination for your patients, which can be saved in My Basket for later use and imported to “MyDatabase” for either patients or diseases.

  • New smartphone? Cell phone broken? Import saved data.

    If you have a new smartphone, your phone is broken, or you want to use your stored data on a second device, proceed as follows:

    In the settings, click on the “BackUp / Import MyDatabase” and then “Import My Database.” Your stored data will be restored.

    Note: You must have created a Backup before.

  • Choose your Element

    Icons and headings can be displayed in the colors of the 5 Elements.

    To change the Element, open the settings and select your favorite Element.

  • Cancel a subscription
    1. Open the Google Play app .
    2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
    3. Tap Payments & subscriptions. Subscriptions.
    4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
    5. Tap Cancel subscription.
    6. Follow the instructions.

    This is for subscriptions at Google Playstore. For AppStore, you find your subscriptions at Settings/Apple ID.

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